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Purchase ED Pills Online in Canadian Pharmacy: Viagra, Kamagra and Cialis.


All over the world, the prevalence of online stores has stepped up largely. Even stores which have physical office addresses still have an online one. In doing this, their customers have the luxury of either purchasing some of their products online or physically. Either ways, the price or cost of the product remains the same. The only cost which could be incurred is the cost of delivery when it comes to online stores.

Well, this is as expected. It is normal to pay extra for anything which brings you the extra comfort. The extra money paid serves as the substitute for the stress which you would have normally gone through if you were to purchase the product yourself.

Now in Canada, online pharmacy stores have sprung up as a branch of online stores. Online pharmacy stores also operate in the same vein as a conventional online store would. However, due to the fact that pharmacy is health-related, and it happens to be a really sensitive factor, there are some extra measures which must be put in place. Customers who want to purchase pharmaceutical products online, would first have to go through the following conventional steps.

N.B: Kindly note that although these steps are conventional, there could be some exceptions to some online pharmacy stores.

  • Visit websites: This has to be obviously the first step in purchasing a medication online. The best thing to do would be to try out around three to four websites of these online stores, in a bid to compare their services.
  • Check for the drug/medication: You have to be definite about this. You have to be sure of the medication which you intend to purchase. It would be advisable not to try out alternatives. Medications are sensitive products, and purchasing an alternative drug in place of the one you are meant to buy which happens to be unavailable, is not advised.
  • Compare and contrast prices: A standard pharmacy in Canada would most likely sell medications at a price which is similar to other pharmacies as well. The same applies to online pharmacies as well. Once you have spotted the product or medication you need, all you need do is to compare the prices with that of other stores. In some cases, there could be some online stores which would sell at really low prices. Be wary of these ones, if there are no bonanza sales going on from their end, then there is a huge possibility that the online store could be an illegal one, which wants to quickly offload her products.
  • Check for addresses and possibly phone numbers: This happens to be a very sensitive point too as well. There are times when one would purchase products from an online store, and would need to pick them up at the physical address. Some online stores do not have physical addresses. This does not imply that they are illegal. However, it is better to deal with what you trust and can easily access. The same has to do with their phone numbers as well. These are normally what is called customer hotline or helpline, be it as it may. This is always an avenue to contact the online pharmacy store if anything goes wrong. If the above points are in place, a potential customer or patient can go ahead to purchase the medication.


In Canada, pills for Erectile Dysfunction are sold in almost all stores even online and physically. Taking a brief look at what Erectile Dysfunction is, it is said to be a medical or health condition whereby a man has serious issues when it comes to erection. Issues in this sense implies the inability to either produce or maintain an erection. A man who has Erectile Dysfunction can be said to be impotent, and it would be normal for such person to seek a quick solution or probably something which would step down the defect. If you are looking for where to purchase ED pills in Canada, an online option should be considered.

There are all sorts of pills for Erectile Dysfunction, but only a few stand out. Some of which are: Generic Viagra, Generic Cialis, Brand Viagra, Brand Cialis, Lovegra, Levitra, Kamagra jelly and Priligy.

The aforementioned medications have been known to effectively combat erectile dysfunction. However, they are not permanent cure for it.


One of the medications which effectively treats erectile dysfunction, and can be purchased online in Canada, is Viagra. Viagra which contains the active ingredient sildenafil, has a common substance called phosphodiesterase inhibitors, also known as (PDE5) inhibitors. Viagra has three common dosages (25 milligrams, 50 milligrams and 100 milligrams). Viagra works effectively by increasing the flow of blood to the penis usually during sexual stimulation. Viagra can be taken around 30 minutes before any sexual activity, or even 4 hours before any sexual activity.

There are some likely side effects which may be faced when Viagra is taken, these side effects are quite normal, and a patient should not fret when they are encountered, except if the side effects are a little bit intense, then a health specialist should be consulted. The following side effects are usually faced:

  • Pain in some parts of the body: Pain could be experienced in different parts of the body, such as the arm, chest amongst others.
  • Fainting: A patient could experience this as well. However, once this side effects becomes too much, a health specialist should be reached out too as soon as possible.
  • Irregular breath pattern: This occurs when the patient is unable to breathe normally and at times, there is usually a shortage of breath.
  • Hazy vision: At some points, the patient would be unable to see clearly, dizziness could set in at some point, and it could also lead to fainting as well if care is not taken.


Another effective medication asides Viagra, is Cialis. This can also be gotten online from any reputable online pharmacy store in Canada. Some health specialists have opined that in some cases, Cialis could be a perfect substitute for Viagra. In contrast to Viagra, Cialis contains an active ingredient called Tadalafil. However, it also contains the same substance present in Viagra called phosphodiesterase inhibitors, also known as (PDE5) inhibitors. It is also works by in by increasing the flow of blood to the penis usually during sexual stimulation.

Asides the treatment of erectile dysfunction, Cialis also can effectively treat similar genital illness such as enlarged prostate in men. Cialis is known to relax the bladder and prostate muscles. Cialis ensures that the erection is maintained as long as possible for sexual activity. One common misconception which people often have about erectile dysfunction (ED) pills is, they are effective for preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). This is a huge deceit, as ED pills do not in any way prevent STDs.

Cialis may keep up the sexual ability to around 35 hours. A Cialis tablet should be taken once daily; one pill daily.

The side effects of Cialis are quite similar to that of Viagra. Asides the common ones which happen to be pain in some parts of the body, drowsiness and dizziness, fainting, pain in the muscles, irregular breathing pattern, the ones which are quite specific to Cialis are listed below:

  • Chest pain: The patient could experience pains in the chest at irregular intervals. A health specialist should be consulted in cases where a patient needs to take a drug to treat the pain. Such drugs should be approved by the health specialist, as such drugs could have some ingredients which might react with those in Cialis.
  • Longer Erection: At times, the erection experienced by the patient could last longer than expected, hereby causing pain to the patient. A health specialist should also be consulted in cases like this.
  • Painful Erection: This is also a similar side effect to having a longer erection. This side effect does not occur in all patients though.


One medication which should not be overlooked is Kamagra. Kamagra pills are equally effective in dealing with erectile dysfunction. Also, there exists Kamagra jelly which can also be used as well. Kamagra can also be gotten from any standard and reputable online pharmacy store in Canada. Kamagra can also effectively combat problems stemming from male sexual functions. Health specialists have stated that Kamagra can also be a substitute of Viagra.

Kamagra increases the libido of an individual, and also erections which improves sexual performance. When it comes to taking the appropriate dosage of Kamagra, it should be taken between 40-45 minutes before embarking on a sexul activity. The effect of Kamagra could last for up to 4-6 hours.

Also, Kamagra shares some of the side effects encountered when one either takes Viagra or Cialis, such as severe headache, drowsiness, vomiting. A major side effect which could be experienced when one takes Kamagra, is prolonged erection.

Someone who experiences these side effects more than usual, should make it a point of duty to consult a health specialist.