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Purchase Lovegra 100mg (Female Viagra) Pills in Canada for Women.



For men, the major issue which could be faced is erectile dysfunction, the equivalent in women is a sexual disorder. This disorder implies that women who are affected are unable to attain an orgasm during sexual activities.

Lovegra 100mg

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Hence, the female is unable to enjoy sexual activity optimally. Women in this category experience huge dissatisfaction during sexual activities, and a low number of sensations during any sex-related activity.

Just as there are medications for men who experience erectile dysfunction, there are also medications for women who have the related sexual disorder. Female Pink Viagra also known as Loverga is a top-notch medication which works well in women. It increases the sex drive in women who have a low sexual drive. Female Pink Viagra is a special medication for women; strictly women. It is known for handling this defect in a highly potent manner. Female Pink Viagra works by increasing the flow of blood in the tissues of the female genital organ. When this happens, the female is then able to attain series of orgasms, sensitivity is increased, and sexual activities can be enjoyed to the fullest.

Can women take Viagra, is often a question which the male counterparts have often asked. Loverga is also Viagra, but the difference which lies in this is, Loverga is Viagra for women with sexual arousal dysfunction.


For all medications of all sorts, there are dosages which apply to each and every one of them. It has been advised by health specialists that drugs are taken based on these dosages, in order for an optimal improvement in one’s health state. Now, there are also cases where people take drugs without the prescribed dosage due to negligence or carelessness on their part. This is highly risky, as doing this could cause serious and adverse complicated side effects. Also, over-dosage and under-dosage are also kicked against by health specialists as well. To be on the safer side, drugs should be taken with the correct prescription.

When it comes to Loverga, an over-dosage or under-dosage of this medication should not come into play, due to the specificity of the medication. Loverga must be taken as strictly as prescribed.

Loverga can be taken with or without food, this depends totally on the individual. Loverga works either ways. However, if there are health complications on the side of the patient such as stomach ulcer, it is advisable for the patient not to take Loverga on an empty stomach. Also, for lovers of meals which are high in fat content, Loverga might not work as expected. Loverga pills and tablets are the best form of medications around for female facing this sexual disorder issue.

When Loverga is ingested, it could take up to 40- 45 minutes before it starts working. After taking it, the after effect is quite long, as it could last for as long as 5 to 7 hours. If a dosage of Loverga is skipped, it can still be taken, due to the fact that its usage depends on the need for undergoing sexual activity. However, it is recommended that Loverga is not taken more than the recommended dosage.

It should be noted that there is really no cure for this arousal disorder, however Loverga is an ideal treatment for this defect. Loverga also known as Pink Viagra should always be taken with a full glass of water from time to time, this is to prevent dehydration.

Ladies should also note that Loverga is not to be taken with certain substances such as grapefruit juice, as it is likely to cause some complicated side effects, which could cause the body great harm. Females with the following disorders should abstain from Loverga, unless directed by the doctor or health specialist.

  • Liver problems
  • Kidney- related diseases
  • Sickle-cell disease
  • Heart- related diseases
  • Excessive bleeding

Taking Loverga increases the sexual drive in women, making them to savor any sexual activity undertaken. These set of pills have been known to boost the libido of women thereby giving them an overall confidence. Also, taking Loverga pills also ensures that females experience multiple climaxes.

However, there are some misconceptions about Loverga (Female Viagra) which ladies have often misunderstood. Some ladies are of the school of thought that Loverga can prevent some sorts of sexually-related or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)e. This concept happens to be a huge fallacy, as Loverga has nothing to do with prevention of STDs.

Also, some believe that taking Loverga pills prevents them from getting pregnant, this is another huge fallacy, Loverga neither prevents pregnancy nor does it make someone to lose pregnancy. Taking Loverga should be done with the sole intent of improving one’s sexual activity.

Side effects are common to any medication, due to the differences in our systems. The side effects of Loverga are quite normal, but should be reported to the doctor if it becomes an aggravated case. The following side-effects are common to women who take Loverga:

  • Loss of hearing
  • Weakness on either side of the body
  • Fainting
  • Pain in the chest
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Headache (severe or mild)
  • Drowsiness
  • Stomach upset


For those who are new to Canada, the question of where to buy in Canada has often been a regular one. Loverga can be gotten in any Canadian Pharmacy, both online, and over-the-counter.

For the online purchase of Loverga, it is not really a complicated issue, all the affected lady needs to do is to locate an online pharmacy store. Now, this store must be a reputable one which has been certified by health regulatory bodies. Also, ladies should be wary of online stores who claim to offer close substitutes of Loverga instead of the real product. This should not be considered. The price or cost of Loverga is almost closely the same in all online pharmacy stores. However, difference in the price or cost could be due to the inclusion of either a doctor’s prescription or probably the delivery fee, which at times is usually a paltry sum.

Over-the-counter purchase is also another form of drug purchase in Canada. This occurs when drugs are purchased without the prior prescription of a doctor. Drugs which are purchased over-the-counter, are usually done with the intent of taking them without prescription. For drugs such as Loverga, this should not be so. Loverga pills should be taken as directed by the doctor.