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Female Viagra (Lovegra) 100mg 


Lovegra is a proven female version of the ever-popular Viagra. This drug is a safe and viable option for women looking to increase their libido and speed up time to orgasm. The effects on women are demonstrated to hike sexual urges, greater sensitivity of the vagina, clitoris, or clit and increased desire for womanliness.

Lovegra 100mg

Package Per pill Price Savings Bonus
4 Pills CAD 6.64
CAD 26.56
8 Pills CAD 5.89
CAD 47.11
CAD 6.01
12 Pills CAD 5.35
CAD 64.18
CAD 15.50
20 Pills CAD 4.41
CAD 88.18
CAD 44.62
32 Pills CAD 4.34
CAD 138.80
CAD 73.68
60 Pills CAD 3.95
CAD 237.23
CAD 161.17
92 Pills CAD 3.57
CAD 328.42
CAD 282.46
120 Pills CAD 3.20
CAD 384.01
CAD 412.79

What happens when female takes Viagra for women over the counter

As sildenafil is the active ingredient in Lovegra, many have asked does it work for women? The answer is a resounding yes, and its stronger than home remedies. Golden girls can struggle with lust, and your passion and desires can relight, dreaming of regaining your womanhood. Whether you are happily married, or still looking for that special someone, Lovegra allows you to enjoy your youth again and regain control over your sexual abilities. Finally relish in your sexuality, and live like it is the 1970s or 1980s again. Free will and free loving.

Can women take (Lovegra) female Viagra in Canada?

You can head to chat forums and see women comments are a electrifying yes for the tablets. A lot of women are enjoying a revolution with pink pills, and the reviews are more than positive. From enhanced sexual encounters to expanded orgasms and multiple climaxes in one session, Lovegra might bring on a wave of feminism in the boudoir. You might ask, is it safe to use? Yes, effects of blush power on the feminine body are healthy, and all within testing limits. Lovegra is the 1st generation of womanly sexuality increasers and is a groundbreaking women's version. If you're in the mood to dust out the cobwebs, then Lovegra is worth checking out for sale.

Where to buy cheap female Viagra?

Lovegra is simple to order online. Our Canadian pharmacy is launched and you can buy the lush renaissance electronically and have it delivered in a mysterious box to ensure the neighbor or girlfriends aren't privy to the innovative secret to your coitus life. With your aptitude to acquire, we offer a cost that's cheaper than you could imagine. As an online pharmacy, our overhead is minute, and those price savings are passed on to you. Our containers are sent via respected couriers. Relish quality over-the-counter Lovegra at a fraction of the sum of retail, and that's a deal we fall in yearning with for years.

Purchase online and Dispatching

We accept major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress) and may add additional deposit options to buy online. As we're web-based, cash, cheque or coins is a no-go. We ship country wide and extend complimentary shipping over $200.

Review and side effects of Lovegra

Lovegra has limited concerns. Stomachache, fuzzy vision, and exactness to light. In rare instances, patients encountered issues with sight or hearing for days, and encounter an allergic reaction. As expected, don't operate machinery, including any home power tools or larger vehicles.