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How to Place an Order on medicationca.com

Ordering medication for conditions like Erectile Dysfunction is uncomfortable. Some customers get nervous and confused when tendering in their requests, distinctly at a brick-and-mortar pharmacy. Perhaps this explains why despite nearly half of the men aged between 40 and 70 years experience ED, merely 10% of them share their stories. Most men, their age notwithstanding, don't want to disclose their inability to sustain a sturdy erection.

At an online drugstore, you order in seclusion. Still, the store must perpetuate an acute sense of privacy to assure your confidentiality. That’s why at medicationca.com, we have an elaborate structure of accepting orders to uphold high safety, discretion and security standards. We understand the shame and uneasiness that accompany ED. Our platform facilitates the easy purchase of drugs without facing the prying eyes of the public.

Because insurance rules may compel you to pay for the pills yourself, we give price utmost consideration. We don’t charge exorbitant rates typical of most internet pharmacies. Once your doctor sanctions it, get it inexpensively from us. But we mostly offer OTС drugs.

Placing an order online

Here is a quick procedure to follow.

  • Step 1: Find the pill you seek using its generic or brand name. If you don’t find it, maybe it is because it is under an unfamiliar name. Please don’t hesitate, ask for help from our support staff.
  • Step 2: Enter your dose and quantity. At this stage, add the drugs to a cart for checkout.
  • Step 3: Make payment for your shopping through checkout. As a newcomer, your account will be created automatically. But, if you are an existing customer, sign in to pay for the merchandise.

The routine payment authentication by payment provider's validation method, like SecureCode for MasterCard or Verified by Visa for Visa card, would follow. If successful, we’ll email you affirming receipt of your order, and again when we post the package.

Merci! You are on your path to achieving a steady turgescent penis for a pleasurable sexual experience, restoring your dignity in bed.


Do I need a prescription to order medication?

No, at medicationca.com, we don’t ask for prescriptions. With tech advancement in the health industry, some meds require authentication of a doctor. That notwithstanding, the requirement for a physician’s letter is in your best interest. It is not advisable to cast around for remedy online without the input of your physician.

What if my order is declined?

We seldom refuse orders. But it happens. The probable grounds would be you don’t have sufficient balance in your card or bank, or your bank stopped the payment. As frustrating as this is, pay heed to the same process you would if your card declined a payment elsewhere. Sometimes all it takes is to update your details. But in worse cases, another card would suffice.

Can I order via the phone?

No, you cannot. We only take orders from the site.

Can I cancel my order after payment?

Yes. If you want to revoke an order, write us an email. But ensure you do it before we release your package for delivery. Otherwise, you may shoulder the cost incurred in recalling it. We can facilely void an order before it leaves our warehouse, which is cheaper. But once we post it, its fate is in the hands of the conveyor company. The recall process is sophisticated. Thus, we have to pay to get it back. That’s why occasionally you may not get a full refund.

Can I place an order for a friend?

No! We neither accept orders placed for friends nor relatives. You can make your order, and that’s if you attain the legal age.

When is my card charged?

Once you click submit on checkout. Afterwards, we prepare the invoice on the background and send you the order summary. Once your bank settles the payment, we approve and dispatch the order.

I can’t find the prescribed medication. What do I do?

Don’t be timid about reaching out to our qualified support team. They will professionally guide you. If we are out of stock, they’ll provide you with an applicable substitute.

When can I place my order?

Medicationca.com accepts orders 24/7. We then prep it during the official office hours and pass it for freight.