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Is there a difference between generic and brand drugs?

Not much. Generic and brand drugs have similar active ingredients. The distinction is on manufacturer patents. The companies that produce branded meds enjoy patent rights and certification. However, the makers of generic drugs have accreditation to develop universal medicines, but not copyright. So, instead of these drugs going by their brand names, they go by their chemical names. One more thing, manufacturers of generic medications can only create them once the patent expires, and any company can come in to make and distribute the drug.

Why are generic drugs cheaper than original brands?

The initial producer spends money on a lot, including marketing, development of the drug, and continuous research. Generic medicine companies do not pay on all the above. Their manufacturers only invest money in getting rights to the chemical composition of the product. Going with this, chemically, the generic drugs are as effective as the branded drugs. They are affordable.

Are the ED drugs we sell efficient?

Yes, they are. Here’s how ED meds work. Sexual arousal makes your brain release stimuli called cyclic GMP. This chemical relaxes the penile muscles to enhance blood inflow into the tissues. After a while, the brain releases PDE5, which breaks down cyclic GMP, and the trapped blood flows out, leaving the organ limp.

Now, ED drugs like Viagra and Cialis block the action of PDE5. Therefore, the body does not breakdown the cyclic GMP, and the penis becomes erect. And because their efficiency relies on blocking the PDE5, it means you must be sexually turned on for them to work.

Are ED pills safe to use?

All erection drugs we carry are tested and approved by federal authorities. We do not accept any drugs or medications that don't have state approval. However, we recommend that you vocalize with your doctor as some humans may not be compatible or meet the preconditions of distinct types or brands of medications. Also, be aware of any fake or unapproved meds claiming to cure erectile dysfunction. Always research and discuss your options with a regulated doctor!

Do I need a prescription to order ED medication?

Though many online pharmacies require prescriptions before they process your order, we don’t. All our ED medications are OTC.

I am afraid people will know what I ordered. What do I do?

At medicationca.com, we understand the stigma and embarrassment that surrounds ED. So, we strive to maintain anonymity throughout the process. The prescription arrives in plain packaging and void of any distinguishable features.

What do I do when I experience some side effects?

Before using any drug, read through the safety leaflet. The flyer will fill you in on the likely side effects to know what to expect. If you experience the identified side effects, stop using the medication, and consult your physician. It’s essential to see a doctor before you seek a remedy online.

Can I track my order?

Like with most online stores, we offer our clients a means to keep tabs on their orders. After paying, we’ll send you a tracking number and link to monitor the delivery. The scheduled arrival day is not a guarantee but a guide to help you plan to receive your stuff.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, you can get a discount. Check in often to find out more. You can also subscribe to our bulletin or enjoy free shipping for orders of 200 USD or more.

Can I use one email address to open multiple accounts?

No, you cannot. Every account needs to have a unique email address for notifications. Using an individual email address helps us to maintain confidentiality about your purchases.

Can I change the details on my account?

Yes. The details you can change include delivery and billing address, the payment method (the card linked to the account), your account preferences. To make these changes, you must log into your account. However, if you encounter any challenge editing the details, consult our support team through email or the online contact form.

Can I close my account if I no longer need it?

Yes, our platform allows all users to always be able to update their data, including the final cancellation of the account.

Does medicationca.com impart medical consultations?

No. We are an online pharmacy that sells non-prescription drugs. We don't bestow any medicinal dialogue. No exceptions. Please speak to your med professional for any deliberations.

How do I make payment?

Today, there are many online payment options you can explore. However, at medicationca.com, we only accept American Express, MasterCard, and Visa. Add any of these cards to your account to make future payments a breeze.

Is my personal and payment information safe on the platform?

With the internet comes a lot of cons and fraud stories. To protect our clients from such horrific experiences and to maintain discretion, we test the site regularly for any security weaknesses. We transmit the data through encrypted pathways on the internet.

What happens if the package arrives with something missing or damaged?

We are extra careful when packing and fulfilling your orders. However, if that happens, contact our support team when you first notice it. Please explain the issue to our staff and we’ll either issue a refund or resend the missing item.

Note: If your order is huge, we shall have to split it into separate packages.