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How do I track the order?

After placing an order, we’ll email you confirming the order. The affirmation includes a unique link and a tracking number that gives you the frill of monitoring your order via https://www.17track.net/, when we dispatched it and where it is in the delivery channel. However, not all international courier providers offer this option to trail the product. All the same, your order is on the route.

Which locations do we deliver an order?

Locally, we ship our products to countrywide. We also fulfill global orders. Nevertheless, scrutinize the pharmacy laws in your jurisdiction as we can only convey the items to destinations that the law allows us.

When can I expect delivery?

After you order, we provide our supposed date by estimating from the day we send the package. We know time is of the essence and thus strive to deliver the item without undue delay.

We do so because our professionals need to verify your requisition before prepping it. Therefore, the date is to guide you, and it may change owing to other unforeseen factors.

If you urgently need your meds, then you can use our express distribution. It is speedy, taking just about a week. But if you are not in a rush, use our wonted system, which is cheaper but takes fairly longer - about 7 and 21 days. Whatever your selection, your package will be delivered, anyway.

We advise you to contact our support team if the dispatch takes noticeably longer than you initially expected. Probably, a wrong address engendered it. Telling us early will help us expedite the recovery process and arrange for redelivery.

Special delivery instructions

We allow you to offer special directives through email or add them to the online contact form when submitting your order.

What do I do with an incorrect order delivery?

We rarely mismatch the carriage. But, if you receive a wrong pack, immediately let us know. We’ll brief you on your next course of action.

Information on shipping

Many underlying facets influence the dissemination, and in consequence, the time you receive your meds. Once you submit the order, what’s important is the availability of the drug. We work with courier companies to process, prepare, and deliver the product. Since there’s a lot that goes on behind the scene, but it is delivery services responsibility to make sure your order gets to you. Your parcel could arrive ahead of schedule or later. Also, it is advisable to combine your purchases to get them in a single shipment and save you the confusion.

The cost of shipping

Well, we offer free freight services for an order amount equivalent to 200 USD and above. But you’ll pay for delivery for orders of lower value. The cost depends on the package weight, your location, and the provider we employ. We breakdown this cost for you and communicate it before checkout. We integrate the transport cost and applicable taxes in the product cost that you pay at checkout.

So, if you receive an email or a phone call from the customs agency in your country detailing extra duty payments, we urge you to refuse the package and inform us to resolve the misunderstanding amicably. In such a case, we recall the package and resend it shorn of the extra costs.

Cancelation or refund

Orders can only be cancelled before we prepare the packet. Once we are ready for sending, the order is final. Unfortunately, refunds are not accepted either. In the case of damaged or broken packages, contact us. Attach photos or videos of the damaged goods, especially visual supports that clearly show the damages.

What happens when I am not home at the time of delivery?

Usually, delivery services will require a signature to act as proof of receipt. If you aren’t home during the delivery, the driver will either call you and reschedule or leave a note. Alternatively, you can contact the delivery service to make other arrangements. However, if there’s no communication, the transport company returns it. Later, you’ll pay additional fees for us to reship it.

What should I do if the tracker marks my package as delivered, but I’ve not received anything?

Email us if you do not get the items yet. But if you used an independent delivery service, consult with them, too.