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About us

We, medicationca.com, are a specialized internet-based shop selling medicines that help with erectile dysfunction (ED).

Our Goal

Why did we choose ED? Well, ED is broad and includes multiple conditions under reproductive health and sexual dysfunctions. We describe it as an inability to maintain or even have an erection.

While getting an erection is never something you think about, as it easily comes naturally, the mechanics and processes leading to it are a little complicated. Usually, the process involves different issues and systems. Any malfunction that affects the systems involved and blocks the process results in an erection problem. In most cases, ED points to a serious health problem.

Unfortunately, ED is a prevalent condition among the male species. Although is much common in older men, it is ubiquitous - it doesn’t discriminate the age. According to WHO, 5% of men over 40 experience complete ED. The stats balloon with the rising age. For instance, for men aged 70, it's 15%. Mild ED affects rises by 10% of men per decade. This means that 50% of men over 50 have some level of ED and 60% of men over 60 years live with it.

The men suffering from ED often struggle with feelings of loneliness and shame. Usually, they are too embarrassed to share their situation with their sexual partners or doctors. As a result, the condition goes undiagnosed for years.

At medicationca.com, our aim is to provide a safe and transparent environment where men can get the help they need for their struggles with ED. We uphold anonymity, which protects you from the stigma and isolation that comes with ED. However, since various conditions can cause ED, we recommend you consult your doctor before placing an order.

Why Order From Us?

Technology has advanced over the years and has left no stone unturned. The pharmaceutical industry has also felt the impact and is continually growing. According to NCBI, by 2008, there were about 2986 online pharmacies. Inevitably, this number has grown, yet it’s unclear by what margin.

With the influx of these internet-based businesses, consumers should be careful to deal with legitimate pharmacies only. It’s not like it was a decade ago. There’s also an inundation of fraud online storefronts. These kinds offer fake drugs that may endanger your health.

Luckily, medicationca.com is a registered establishment, and we provide genuine and legally sanctioned treatment to our clients. Medications that we sell cohere with the pharmacy regulations as defined by the government and governing bodies. Aside from this, we verify the package before we ship them out to our clients. We do this to ensure that the right medicine gets to the actual patient. We'd hate it if you received a parcel of products you did not want.

As an internet-based pharmacy, we strive to provide convenience and unmatched service. We use cookies to optimize our site's performance and make navigation easier, to reduce the hustle of finding the medicines you want. In brief, we toil to ensure the right items get to you in the shortest time possible.

Other than that, we:

  • Offer better prices compared to offline stores. This is mainly because we have lower transaction and fixed prices.
  • Provide improved accessibility — if you live in a remote area or are immobile, we will deliver your drugs right to your doorstep.
  • Offer information on adverse effects of medicines and substitutes — you can register for our newsletter and find out all the promotional offers.
  • Are available 24/7 — we serve you anytime you reach out to us.
  • Support online payments — medicationca.com supports popular banking options including American Express, MasterCard, and Visa.

Contact us Today

Here’s a platform offering you a chance to spring back into the stud you once were. We do this void of the stigmatization that frequently accompanies the traditional pharmacies and consultations. Since you get medication at your preferred location, we hide your identity and deliver wherever you want us to within the country.

Reach our customer support team through our website contact form or email today.